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About Us

Academy of Learning was established in 2006 by Connie J. Hobbs and Doris Albright and proudly follows a highly successful quality program for early childhood education.

Connie and Doris spent many years as teachers and childcare providers and over time developed a philosophy for a unique and alternative approach to learning and growing. As a consequence of its success our company now has a program based on the principle of working together to meet the needs of the children taking into account language, literacy and cultural factors, providing a truly flexible service which gives entitlement and equality of opportunity to all.

There are six areas of learning that we focus on during the school day:

We learn about our children and encourage individually paced development.

Our 'whole child' approach provides stimulating early care and education - experiences that lead to a life-long love of learning.

Academy of Learning is a small company that has used a solid education-based foundation to build upon and design further programs that reflect the needs of our families and to develop strong, personal relationships with each of them. Our management team is made up of experienced child care and business professionals whose collective experience and educational backgrounds have created a professional and innovative organization.

This combination of experience, strength in the child care industry and dedication ensures that we can effectively provide our families with the highest quality education and child care services available.

We are committed to providing enriched learning environments in high-quality settings.


Our Mission



A place for childhood to flourish